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  • 101 Murray Grove
    N1 7QP London
  • 02063360658

Joe & 'Za

Thank you for your time and patience for reading the following message!

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we are mainly governed by our stomachs. Having food served at the right times during the day is extremely important, not only for our health and wellbeing, but also to restore our power to focus throughout the entire day.

The Joe & ‘Za pizza shop prepares and delivers extremely delicious pizzas, made out of fresh dough and ingredients. We do not use any frozen or dry ingredient for any of our pizzas, guaranteeing an incredible taste and savor, besides a high-quality nutritional value.

The chef in charge of pizza making at Joe & ‘Za has been making pizza for more than 12 years already, gaining extensive experience in preparing some of the best pizza assortments in London. Most certainly the pizza will deliver will surprise you, managing to suit the needs and preferences of even the most picky customers, due to our secret mix of herbs and unique sauce recipes. With other words, you won’t find pizza like ours anywhere else in the city. It is also worth mentioning that we serve other amazing foods on our menu as well.

Why choose Joe and ‘Za? We can easily cater any kind of events that are in need of delicious food. Corporate meetings, office parties, or even a quick lunch, we are more than ready to be up to your expectancies. We will also offer 20% discounts order over the phone, by email or via website, so it is entirely your choice of how to contact us to place your order.

So, do not let a growling stomach to ruin your day or not allow you and others not pay attention to what you are discussing in a meeting. Also, stop wasting money on wanna-be fancy food that doesn’t have any taste, when you can easily savor a well-made pizza that will spoil your taste buds and fill your stomach. Plus, when ordering pizza for an event, you can be sure that everybody will be happy, because pizza is something everybody will enjoy.

You will definitely not regret choosing Joe and ‘Za, because we know how to handle hunger and the need to eat something tasty at the same time!


Best wishes!

The Joe and ‘Za Team

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